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Monday, November 24, 2008

Ericast 97 - "Happy Thanksgiving Week!"

A quick pre-Thanksgiving podcast because, seriously, I'm very thankful for my listeners and for the life I've been given (which allows me the time and the topics to podcast).

Topics this week range from podcast show assembly (or lack thereof) to invasive biological species. How's that for variety and range?

Be sure to e-mail (eric at or call (206-339-3742) with any and all comments; while I didn't include any thing week, I do promise that I listen... and I care!

One more thing. Does anyone remember the "Word-Of-The-Week" feature from Ericast-days gone by? Well, here's one that doesn't work nearly as well in audio form: Introducing... the "Bird-Of-The-Week"

Monday, November 10, 2008

Ericast 96 - "Summer is Gone!"

What happens when you expand the "Ericast On-The-Road" concept into an entire podcast? Something that's surprisingly listenable (is that a word?) thanks to dumb luck and decent equipment.

Remember to call the listener-feedback line at 206-339-ERIC (206-339-3742) or e-mail me (eric) at with any and all comments.

A teaser of one of this episode's topics:

Yup -- the Ericast gets controversial! Maybe. What do you think?