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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ericast 172 - Ready... To... Roomba!

With the vague hope that Michael Buffer will call in to the listener feedback line at 206-339-3742 and leave a greeting for the Ericast community (rather than sending an attorney after us with charges of violating his wrestling catch-phrase trademark with our vacuum-related parody in the title), here's an episode that focuses entirely on a $10 yard-sale find.

Amazing what this podcast can do for your life, isn't it?

Roombas are cool. They are. I wouldn't pay retail for one... but here's the story of how I didn't.

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Ericast 171 - Quarterly Listener Feedback

No, it's not really "quarterly feedback," but it feels like it; it's been way too long since I've actually included your calls (rather than just saying, "I should include some calls!" week after week after week without actually doing it).

From iPads to coffee foam to bicycles to dead terrorists to tourist stop-offs, this podcast has it all! Well, maybe not "all," but it has big chunks of stuff.

In the spirit of cool recursive stuff, feel free to comment on the comments by calling 206-339-3742 (a.k.a. 206-339-ERIC) or emailing me (eric) at or leaving a random off-topic disparaging remark on some form of social media. (Preferably not the latter but, as you'll learn from this episode, even that is useful and appreciated.)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Ericast 170 - Duluth Vacation Reflections

Back in the metaphorical saddle after a mid-week trip to Duluth, Minnesota. Discussion of touring the William A. Irvin ore boat (which is a diesel-punk's dream... though it's more "diesel" than "diesel-punk") and the Duluth Depot.

Questions? Comments? A burning desire to hear the coupon story teasingly mentioned in this episode? Call 206-339-3742 (a.k.a. 206-339-ERIC) and leave a message on the listener feedback line!