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Monday, July 23, 2012

Ericast 192 - Diversifying my Identity

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Blame it on the heat that's been hammering the upper-midwest, or blame it on my inexcusable podcasting absence, but I'm just a smidge punchy for this episode. You'll cope.

Having been inspired by Tim Ferriss, who was written up in this post at 37signals, which was then linked to a totally different post on a site with a very different theme that, as a happily married man, I wouldn't necessarily advocate pursuing very deeply... I got back into the podcasting groove with the topic of "identity" and how it might be broader than one particular niche. (And I reference an old-old-old throwback to the first year of the Ericast, "What's My Niche?"  Wow, I'm a lot more hyper now that 7 years have elapsed...)

I plug Patrick Rhone's "Enough" podcast... and then realize that it might have been someone else entirely who told me what I was thinking of... but, regardless, Patrick has a great podcast.  Go listen to it.

By the way, should I quit at Episode 200 (which will be in... a few months?) given that I can't seem to maintain a weekly schedule and have only two listeners?  Just wondering.  Let me know.

Did I mention I was a smidge punchy?

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