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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Ericast 43 - "Salvaging from AOL"

Inspired this week by the wanton waste of resources embodied in AOL CD mailers... and the hope -- the naive, shining hope -- that somehow, someday, they might find a new use.

Any ideas?

I know you can make a lamp out of the CDs, but what do you do with the mailers?

Obviously, I talk about more than just that in this week's Ericast... but, to be honest, 2005 ends with a whimper rather than a bang.

See you in 2006!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Ericast 42 - "What is 'Approval'?"

A controversial topic this week, to liven things up. (Forgive the cold-induced scratchy voice -- but, hey, at least it's some kind of voice rather than nothing at all...)

Remember to call 206-339-ERIC (that's 206-339-3742) or e-mail me ("eric") at to share your thoughts and responses.

This'll be fun! Merry Christmas... and Happy Holidays! :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Ericast 41 - "Get Rich... Free!"

Double-compressed and double-noise-reduced for your listening pleasure, yet still slightly-lower-quality (okay, "much-lower-quality") than usual this week, because my official headset microphone is sitting in my office 25 minutes north of here and I had to improvise while time permitted a recording this morning. But it's the content that counts, right? (And you won't appreciate the typical Ericast quality until you hear this and find out how bad it could be!)

Talk this week is about the Mill City Museum (in downtown Minneapolis) and the phenomenon of "get rich quick" deals on the Internet.

If you ever had a desire to learn what this "how to make a million dollars in 20 minutes with just a modem and a broken keyboard" stuff is all about, listen for a great resource (or find it in my emlarson tags at

Enjoy, and remember to e-mail me at or call 206-339-ERIC with questions, comments, worries, concerns, problems, advice or suggestions!

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Ericast 40 - "Sounds like... Infringement?"

Lucky Episode #40 sounds a whole lot better than unlucky #39, let me tell you! So, the question for this week's episode is... when does "homage" turn into "infringement"? (And, when can a podcaster use Fair Use doctrine to quote music for the puposes of review or criticism without getting himself sued? I'm hoping that's a rhetorical question.)

I decided to tag my referenced sites in, so you can see this week's show tags (and upcoming ones) at -- and that also means that you can see other things I've tagged by dropping the "ericast" off of that.

(I started a little project to move all my miscellaneous bookmarks over to so I wasn't maintaining bookmark lists on several separate computers and multiple browsers. I got through "B" on one computer. Not good.)

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