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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Ericast 277 - The Matt Show

"Listener Feedback" has been a part of the Ericast since the very first episode more than 11 years ago. So, let's celebrate one listener in particular. It might not be your show... but, here's your show.

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It's early morning and raining here in the beautiful Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area.  So far, the July excitement has been cleaning and tidying and selling on eBay.  Thunderstorms, split-level homes, cars vs. semis. If the topics weren't somewhat random, it wouldn't be the Ericast!

This episode might sound like a swan song and it's not.  I'm still here.

What's the meaning of the ping?  It asks if anyone is out there.  (Are you?)

Matt Beckwith - early caller after "Chloe's Lip Repair"

If you go back in the archives, he's the only one of those early callers left. Rob, Paul, Dan are all gone.  Sure, I still stay in contact with them occasionally, but the days of copying files over to the iRiver MP3 player are gone.

After all that... Matt still calls.

Roger Thompson references "guys you can toss the keys of your life to." Matt is one of those people, even though we've never met in person. (Though I know he's been through the MSP airport, which is the closest we've been because I've never been to California.)

His last call to our now-dead line was in February. Then, he did an e-mail interview with me for a series on his High Demand, Low Supply website, called "My Job Story".

I was honor that he asked me, and it was probably because he knew I could reflect.  That was a good experience. Hard, and healthy, and good.

Then, this spring, Matt's father passed away.  I wouldn't normally talk about someone else's personal life but he's published an outstanding tribute to his dad, Mel Beckwith.

Then, we switched numbers, and Matt knows the value of podcasting and calling in, so we have a new generation of calls.

Questions?  Problems? Worries? Concerns?  Comments?  Do you like sand? Do you know what that joke means?  Call 701-645-3742 (a.k.a. 701-645-ERIC) and let me know.