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Monday, June 12, 2017

Ericast 289 - Podcasting for You

What's it all about?  No, not the deep meaning-of-life stuff, but the purpose of this podcast?

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I was pondering how I was going to frame this show and then heard something from Clay Shaver at Remodeling Clay podcast.

"Everytime I meet someone face to face from a Podcast I listen to... my first thought is 'did he have a stroke?' I'm a 1.8x Guy."  @RemodlingClay | 9:17 AM - 6 Oct 2016

Clay's perspective on the reason behind podcasting.  (I adopted this without even realizing it:  "Here's your show.")

Joe Rogan. Background pocast?  The exception to the rule?

We don't say "the" in front of freeways in the Twin Cities, and that would sound weird.  They're just numbers. "This morning, I'll take 35E to work. I exit before I hit 94 so traffic isn't bad. It slows down around 494, though."  (494 and 694 form the "beltway" around the downtowns that 94 runs through on its way up to North Dakota)

“For Southern Californians in particular, hella represents a crucial shibboleth separating the two major regions of the state"  Bonus points if you know where the term "shibboleth" comes from without Googling.

Hella reminds me a line from a TV commercial:  "Just say Stella!"  Or is it Pella?  Or is it "use" and not "say"?  And what's it for?  What a horrible jingle if I can't remember any of that?

Seasons as a podcast structure.  They can be good.  They provide natural breaks and entry/exit points.  But they only work with a themed show.  If I get into batching the Ericast, I might do it "silently" and do themes that amount to seasons.  My fear in that is setting an awful tone because the pre-recorded episodes don't take national (or personal) events into account.

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