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Monday, February 21, 2011

Ericast 161 - Pondering Protest Technologies

Recent protests in Wisconsin and a former colleague's comments about bringing a bullhorn to a rally because "you can't lead a demonstration if nobody can hear you" got me thinking about the concept of "protests" and how technology has influenced them.

Tons of random references in this podcast -- too many to mention. So, if you're bothered by that, just take notes and do some research and leave a comment for those behind you who would like some details on Geraldine Ferraro or

Okay, just one link to tease you: Ultrasonic Devices. Intrigued? Then listen to the podcast!

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ericast 160 - Blue Butter Churns

A little trip down memory lane -- maybe a painful one for you? -- back to my first grade experiences with coloring worksheets as compared to those that Chloe is having.

Spoiler alert: Her experiences are better than mine were. As promised (actually, I intentionally didn't promise) in the podcast, here are Chloe's works of art:

Cute, aren't they? And they actually relate to the podcast this week. Really. They do! Listen to it!

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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Ericast 159 - Where'd January Go?!?

I'm back! Sorry for the unscheduled absence -- a little laziness, a little cold/flu to strike me down, a few work projects and tasks at home, and all of a sudden you blink and 1/12th of the year has disappeared. Wow; time flies.

Topics this week:
  • Slide scanning of Argus cartridges in a Polaroid SprintScan
  • Talk Radio, Jason Lewis and Toyota Sudden Acceleration
  • Important safety tip: If experiencing uncontrolled acceleration in your car, shift to Neutral and solidly press (don't pump!) the brake
  • Squaring "complaints" against "vision" in an organization
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