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Monday, April 06, 2009

Ericast 108 - "Remembering College Video"

Not entirely useless for those of you in the audio-only world... but I'll admit that this week's episode does sorta drive you to the official Ericast YouTube channel (where the video side of things has been dubbed the "Dweeb Thoughts podcast," thus putting to use the long orphaned subtitle of the Ericast).

This week we talk about the good-old-days of video editing -- something I did quite a bit of in college. Sitting out there now is my imfamous "tree piece" -- done because 1) I thought it was interesting and 2) I wanted the challenge of making an interesting, media-rich story about... trees.

(The opening shot is the impressive one.)

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And a special embedded treat -- the "tree story" mentioned in the podcast, from November of 1995:

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Ericast 107 - "Credit Card Issues"

Continuing with video-related podcasts, though (to be overly honest) this one is better in audio-only form. Why? For one reason, I was able to boost and compress the calls from Matt Beckwith and Jonzer, which I didn't do in the YouTube video. So, if you want something that sounds good, this is the thing to listen to.

That is... as Ericasts go. Right?

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The discussion this week, by the way -- yes, there's a topic! -- is the "Verified by Visa" surprise that I got when trying to order my electric bike (which is not a moped!). It almost led to a lack-of-coffee tragedy; listen to hear all the exciting details!