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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Episode 6 - "Give Me Time!"

This week's episode runs a full 10 minutes -- 10 minutes! -- longer than "the norm", for a total run time of 32 minutes. Let me know if that's too long, or tolerable, or excellent, or whatever.

There's a lot to hear, ponder, and respond to in this podcast, so I expect each and every listener (that means you!) to get in touch with me, even if it's to say, "I have nothing to say". I'd appreciate that, just so I know you're still out there.

And, hey, wherever you are, it's probably spring... so get out there and enjoy the weather, too!


  • Call-of-the-week from Rob
  • Communicating and the desire to "hear ourselves"
  • Overscheduled kids and a breakdown of communication
  • Me and God -- I told you the topic would come up!
  • Paying homage to the word-of-the-week
  • A picture is worth no words at all, apparently
  • Music feature - Ben Lundquist's "Unclean"


  • Love the sweeper about a face for radio! Hilarious!!!

    If spelled wrong this was transcribed by voice recoginization software.

    By Blogger Rob, at 9:55 AM  

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