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Friday, January 30, 2009

Ericast 100 - "Being Emotionally Healthy"

THIS IS IT! Lucky episode 100! Thanks to all my loyal listeners, and greetings to all my new ones! I'm happy to have both of you on-board.

An important warning to all Ericast subscribers: Next week (the week of February 1st) I'm going to "push the button" on the conversion from Feedburner to Google. I have no idea what's going to happen... but I have a sinking feeling that a bunch of old Ericast episodes are going to come flooding back into the feed. If so... my apologies in advance.

This week's episode is a celebration of work-life balance. I wish I could say something more dramatic, but I can't. At least it's out in-the-wild now!

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By the way, speaking of e-mail, you'll notice that I only reference the fact that you can e-mail me (eric) at Why is that? Because I don't want any horrible evil SPAM-bots to figure out what my e-mail address really is. It's not rocket science, sure, but if I put my exact e-mail address "in print" I think I'd be in trouble. When in doubt, call the Ericast listener feedback line and get in touch with me that way.


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