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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ericast 129 - Where'd April Go?

Ummmm... Yeah... this probably isn't the most coherent Ericast episode ever. I even reverted to old habits and forgot to say "Episode 129!" at the beginning. My bad. That's what I get for figuring, "I can't sleep; I might as well record a podcast!" But one way or another I wanted to get an update out there because, otherwise, the entire month of April is going to slip away!

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Mentioned this week:

PlayOn (which I'm testing out with the Wii now)
TVersity (the software I couldn't remember; I didn't have much luck with it)
Boxee Box (which looks promising but doesn't exist yet)
Review of the Roku box (which doesn't seem to support Hulu... yet?)


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