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Monday, April 23, 2012

Ericast 187 - Four Random Topics

Click here to listen to this week's episode!

Sorry for the extremely ugly "click here!" link above; Blogger involuntarily upgraded me to the new and "improved" interface, which is great, except that I can't find any way to make a post title be the link that I want it to be.  For the past 7 years that title would link straight to the MP3 of the Ericast episode, but we've entered a new era of the podcast: One where you have extra clicks in nonsensical places just so you can listen to what you want to listen to.  ARGH!!!  And it's not just a cosmetic thing; Feedburner needs that link right up front so it's pretty dangerous to not have it there somewhere...

(Did I ever mention that I hate change when it's imposed on me?  Change on my own terms is cool.  Change driven by someone else at inopportune times is really annoying...)

My plea on Twitter has so-far gone unanswered but we'll blog about it more here if anyone responds.

In the meantime... you'll adjust.  You'll probably adjust better than I will.

This week's episode touches on Evernote again (and thanks to Digital Dan for the "Evernote for Moms" link!) but, more importantly, it addresses the age-old "Ginger vs. Mary Anne" question in what I term "attraction analytics" in a blog post I wrote a few days back.

Let me know what you think of that (or any other topic... but that one in particular). How?  Call 206-339-3742 or email me (eric) at


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