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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ericast 207 - Reading Gabe's Journal

Click here to listen to this week's episode!

We're discussing an interesting journal project from a random student named Gabe, who has sent a journal traveling across the world.  Something like a note in a bottle, except with more detail and the USPS behind it.

It's an interesting way of weaving together Ericast listeners, past and present... though that really wasn't Gabe's intent, I'm sure.

In the spirit of "listener feedback week" (an old Ericast tradition that had a brief life -- I might bring it back...) there are two calls from Matt touching on past episodes.  So if this happens to be your first Ericast, Matt provides a great summary of the past couple weeks.

On a completely different note, I also talk about face-to-face meetings as a revived supplement or replacement to online or technology-mediated ones.  Sounds interesting, doesn't it?  It all started with a passing reference I found in a Sunset Magazine article about the Las Vegas downtown revitalization:

At a company-wide meeting in fall 2012, Hsieh took the stage with four other jeans-wearing Zappos execs. During an open question period, a young woman stood and praised the company for embracing Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest before other online retailers. “What’s the next big social media platform we should watch for?” she asked.

Hsieh paused for a moment, then answered. “Well, there’s this thing called downtown. It gets people together. It may seem crazy,” he said, “but five years from now it won’t.”

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