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Monday, December 15, 2014

Ericast 249 - Start by Sighing

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I spend a lot of time in this episode apologizing for it sounding depressing.  It's really not.  At least, I don't think so.  That said, we'll see if my rant about the fact that the "Rodney King Trial" wasn't a trial of Rodney King (but, instead, was a trial of the police officers who beat him) gets me in any trouble.

I include a brief quote from Randy Cantrell's Leaning Toward Wisdom episode 4043 and I'd recommend adding him to your podcatching software if you like the pontifications of the Ericast.  His is similar, with more/better experience and a bit of a Texas twang.

I also extensively quote Henry Cloud on Hopelessness:

The time when you get to hopelessness can be one of the best moments for your future. To give up hope that something is going to change when it is not going to gets you unstuck immediately and brings energy. It brings life to the sickness of hope deferred.

But how do you know if entering into that process of change with someone is even worth it? How do you know that it is going to help? Haven't you wondered that sometimes? "Are they ever going to change? Are they ever going to get better? Should I really keep working with them, thinking they are going to improve? Are my efforts to get them to change going to help anything at all?"

Or on the personal side of life, how do you know when to invest the effort with someone to work on making things better and when you should tell them that you are done talking about it? With whom do you try, and with whom do you say, "I'm done talking"? That is a question that, if properly answered, can save much time and heartache.

And it is the question: how to diagnose a person to know whether working on the issue is likely to help or not.

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