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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Episode 7 - "Changing Old Stuff"

This week's podcast also runs long, but that's mostly due to my failed attempt at "live-to-hard-drive" podcasting. You get to hear my... what should I call it... how about... angst! I try to get everything recorded in one swell foop.

The topic this week is about historical stuff -- from touching sculptures to tinkering with epic movies. You'll have to listen to get all the details.

There's no word of the week, because nobody is telling me anything about "homage", so I'm declaring a word-of-the-week boycott until I get some input!

Music this week is "Great, Great Love" by Tim Lemmens, who can be found at

You can also read the entertainingly awful transcript and get an idea of how... "creative" the voice-recognition from Dragon NaturallySpeaking can be. Try to read along... if you dare!

Question: Do you want the bullet-point topics back, or is this format good enough? Let me know!


  • Hey! I *know* TimLemmons... well, I know *of* him.

    By Blogger Brett, at 7:28 PM  

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