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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Ericast 31 - "Sounds like 1988!"

WOW! A packed episode of the Ericast this week, thanks to a surprise guest caller -- who, literally, was a surprise guest, because he just called me up when he guessed I might be recording this week's Ericast, and he was right!

No guest/guessed pun intended there, by the way.

(For those technically inclined, here's how the interview was recorded: Our caller phoned in to our land line, and I grabbed one of our phones with a headset/boom mike. I then took that phone off hook, nestled the boom mike of the computer into the padded earphone of the telephone handset, started recording, and left the room, and did the "interview" talking into a regular phone. So, the handset phone nicely recorded both sides of the conversation, which means you have to hear me "telephone style", but it was the quick & dirty & functional solution.)

God willin' and the crick (read: pond) don't rise (more than it already has) they'll be an Ericast next week... but as you'll hear us discuss, we're getting a ton of rain up here. Nothing like the flooding that the poor folks in the south-east half of the U.S. have to deal with when their weekly hurricane blows through, of course, but it's out of the norm for us up here! So I'm hoping to not deal with a flooded house in the coming days.

Since it's getting late, I can't do really complete show notes, and I can't do complete show notes anyway because I don't know what we talked about! But here's what I started out with:

It's Raining!

Garrick's commentary on VRML

Albert disappeared -- but he's back!
My missing update was about his new intro
Maybe I jinxed him? Maybe both my update and he disappeared into the ether?
Probably missed the update because I think I hung up rather than hitting "#"

Last of SitePal-based voices to grace the Ericast. Awesome demo at (Click "Try Now" near the bottom of the screen)
Check out "Kate" and "Mike"! "Paul" is really good. "Susan" isn't bad either.

Commodore music and demos;
pondering an 8-bit based revival as a great "business" idea with no business model.

Work at Berean this past Sunday with Seth Naicker
Bethel University story at
Running PowerPoint -- keeping up is hard!
Closing song "Bayete Nkosi"

That's what I started out with. Among the other things mentioned, I promised a link to an Apple II Oregon Trail emulator. How's that come up? You'll just have to listen to find out!


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