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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Ericast 50 - "Passive about Solar"

Celebrating 50 exciting episodes! We end up talking about passive solar technology (as embodied in expensive suburban homes), but we get to that topic through a Hello to Vic (calling to comment on there being way too much death lately), an update on Coca-Cola and their contest (including the question, "What's an 'unseen space'?!?"), references to, uplifter and William Gibson's "The future is here; it just isn't evenly distributed yet", and the fact that Google Adsense looks awesome on the HomeDeals blog (at, but what would be the revenue stream for a property podcast that may or may not contain photos in an Enhanced AAC feed that might or might not be viewable?

Plus some politics (and a couple Michael Moore references) thrown in for good measure.

All that to get to the simple fact that "Passive Solar requires Active Owners". Wow.

By the way, we close with a clip from Elizabeth Hunnicutt, so be sure to check out her site at

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