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Friday, May 19, 2006

Ericast 63 - "Not Quite Ready"

So, what's new this week?

I talk about Garrick Van Buren's wife (as heard on a recent First Crack Podcast) and compare her to the Country Crock woman. (Maybe I should do an episode dedicated to Casey DeFranco? Hmmm...)

I end up discussing Windows Live Local, and make reference to an awesome example from the Gopher Ordnance Works, which won't make any sense to you unless you listen to the podcast (and even then, it won't make much sense unless you've listened to my previous podcasts or know how much I love the place).

But before I get to that... this past week I re-met Elizabeth Hunnicutt, but you won't be hearing from her because her CDs haven't come in the mail yet. And I talked with the CEO of Click.TV, but you won't be hearing more about that until they update a couple features soon and I have more to talk about. (It's really awesome, though!)

Basically, I'm a bit preoccupied because I'm ramping up to present at little local technology conference, so that's where my mind is at right now. With any luck, you'll hear clips from my presentation in upcoming episodes of the Ericast!

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