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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ericast 118 - "Inside Eric's Brain"

I just realized what an interesting date it is today -- 20100110. That's undoubtedly binary for something-or-other (except for the "2")... but I'm not going to bother to figure it out.

That alone might tell you something about me, as this week's podcast explores my personality. As always, messages at 206-339-ERIC (a.ka. 206-339-3742) or e-mails to eric at are eagerly anticipated and appreciated upon arrival.

So, what do I do? I support learning, explore solutions, battle entropy, and explain reality. The podcast goes through all that in a bit more detail. What energizes me is using technology to preserve history so it's accessible to others... but, in reality, I end up pondering "solutions in search of a problem." But I like producing a "product" too, which is almost the exact opposite. In some ways, my brain is a mess.

Links related for this week's topics...

HRD again
Apostle Paul's writings in Romans 7
WebTrends, Google Search and MovableType
New Shelter magazine from the 1980s (example article)
A "Crossette" fireworks shell

Yes, that list is as random as it looks; that fits this week's topic just fine.


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