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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Ericast 135 - May? June? Whenever.

If it's the end of the month (which it is, in Ericast time, even though this is published in the early part of June, hence a title that artfully reflects the confusing nature of reality)... then it's listener feedback time!

206-339-ERIC (a.k.a. 206-339-3742) is where you, too, can add your voice to the conversation!

What's on desk this week? Well, for the benefit of "Olaf" (who liked the summary text), here's what we've got:
  • Sincere thanks for listening!
  • Summer is "fleeting by" and now it's June; I don't like that it's slipping by!
  • Tweet! Google Buzz! Facebook me!
  • Chad's May 25th comment about authorization prompts (akin to Gigavox/Podango or, frogs, and buzzwords
  • Olaf's call about collaborative deep tagging (though he didn't know that it already had a... wait for it... buzzword!)
  • Matt Beckwith calling in with a better headset and comments on the "brilliant episode" (#132) and the fight against complacency in customer support (plus learning about the logistics of big concert events)
  • Jonzer on episode #131 about leadership and "plausible deniability" - boldly implementing your vision and blaming your underlings if your vision falls through
  • Digital Dan Hook walking on his commute talking about his industry connection to Matt -- small world! Plus, a bonus call of consuming audio on the iPad vs. the Droid, and fireworks viewing
  • Eric's odd tangent on SNL routines and over-the-top announcers
  • Fireworks observation from the base of the Eagan water tower with views of displays dozens and dozens of miles away
  • An anti-apology statement; "let's just celebrate who we are and where we want to be!"
  • Chad on episode #133 (the "Fantasy Project"), hot-or-not, the hotness of normalcy. Plus, how we met our wives.
  • Eric on the value (or lack thereof) of physical attractiveness in relationships.
Phew! I think that about covers it. Enjoy!


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