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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ericast 155 - Unicorns on Velvet!

In an episode that has to be seen to be believed, you have the opportunity to see it... because this is the return of the Dweeb Thoughts video podcast on YouTube!

And it might be going back on hiatus for awhile because, man, doing the video side of this is a pain! A worthwhile pain to you, the dedicated Ericast listener (or "viewer") but a pain none-the-less.

Speaking of, 206-339-3742 (a.k.a. 206-339-ERIC) is the phone number for you to call in and share your thoughts.

In addition to talking about velvet paintings, we throw out a random topic that I've been pondering lately -- "complacency" and, more importantly, what its healthy alternative might be. As I try to explain at the end of the podcast, just because you "DO SOMETHING!" rather than sitting around indifferent doesn't necessarily mean that what you're doing is a good thing.

The "Ready, FIRE!, Aim" method isn't very good... but, I'd say, neither is the "Ready, Aim, Aim, Keep Aiming, Aim, Aim a little more..." alternative.

What do you think? Get off that complacent bottom of yours and call in with an observation or challenge: 206-339-3742 or e-mail me (eric) at


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