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Monday, March 18, 2013

Ericast 211 - Digitally Re-Abandoning Roadways

Click here to listen to this week's episode!

Not only do we have what might be the longest Ericast title ever (I could probably figure that out, couldn't I?) but we have yet another experiment in the world of Audacity.  Good luck!

(This time, I didn't compress/limit/normalize my audio at all.  No digital processing whatsoever.  But because of that, I cranked the volume of the intro and outro way down so I didn't blow out your eardrums when those came in.)

For this TV sitcom fan, I have the best Tweet of 2013 so far.  Very cool.

And, to the topic at hand, I need to reference the version of the "North Star Highways" site because that site is as dead as the roadways it documented.  Fortunately, EarthLink hasn't used a robots.txt file to block like some domain squatters have.

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