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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ericast 219 - An Orthodontist Extravaganza!

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This week we're drifting back into the customer service topic, with a cautionary note that I break pretty much every guideline from this week's episode of "The Audacity to Podcast" - 5 Reasons Your Podcast Audience Isn't Growing."

...but I go ahead anyway, with a discussion of my daughter's orthodontist and the exciting waterpark extravaganza at Waterpark of America... and the fact that what's more important to me is being hit up for an extra $30-something after having been repeatedly assured that our bill was paid in full.

That's not good customer service... and that kind of thing matters to real customers.

At least, it matters to weird people like me who tend to put principle ahead of pragmatism.

And while I don't "hold a grudge," I do remember things and plan for the future accordingly.  I'm not sure what overcomes financially deceptive treatment by a business, but I'm pretty sure that being given the opportunity to frolic in chlorine isn't sufficient.

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