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Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Ericast 257 - A Million Hamsters

Have you ever misheard a song lyric? Sure you have. Can you turn that into an entire podcast episode? Let's find out.  Here's your show.

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When is our birthday?  The first Ericast episode was March 7, 2005. So it's this week, or next. When you're this old, forgetting when your birthday is could be a "theme."  Next week might be a fairly deep-ish topic on "arrogance" lining up with Episode 2; we'll see.

Background:  I like "dance music" -- e.g. Ace of Base. (On Pandora, it's epitomized in my "Ace of Base Radio")  But my current Pandora favorite is Basshunter.  (Note that it's pronounced Base-hunter; it's not music related to fishing.)

"Tweets do not imply endorsement"...?  Pandora stations are somewhat the same for me.  But I can endorse these: My oldest is "Eric's Dance Radio" and you can also enjoy "Eric's WI Memories" from "the golden age of dance music - 1990, give or take a year or two."

So, that explains the music part.  You also need to know that when my wife and I were first married, we had a pet hamster.  (More than one, actually. But not at once.)

This episode topic crossed my mind.  And then I mentioned our hamster piterest in Jeff Goins' MOOC.  And then Paul Debeddings mentioned hamsters:

Paul DeBettignies | February 28 at 10:13pm · Minneapolis, MN

For the next 36 hours I am going to stay away from any topic that can turn into a debate. So I am only going to post hamster videos and Kenny Chesney videos. If you don't like hamster & Chesney videos, well... that's on you ‪#‎36HoursOfHamsterChesneyVideos‬

That clinches it.  I needed to do a podcast episode about this.

So, that brings us to "Paradise" by Sam La More, originally from Sydney Austraila. (He's almost exactly one year younger than I am, which means he's old.)

I know he's not talking about hamsters... but, you have to admit, it sure sounds like he's talking about hamsters!


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