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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Ericast 263 - Certificate vs. Certification

Is there a difference between recognition that you did something, and recognition that you're equipped to do something?  Here's your show.

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Yes, I realize I have lots of "vs" episodes, but "differentiation is good".  However, lawyers speak of a "distinction without a difference" so we have to make sure that we're not doing that.  And I don't think that's the case here.

We were talking about faculty motivation.  Tangent: I don't view "motivation" as having connotations of a deficit, but some do.

Badges vs. Awards.  In Eric's world...
  • An award is for a past act; a medal or a ribbon
  • A badge - think a sheriff in the Wild West - is something you actively wear in order to give authority to act moving into the future

Badging is a hot topic in academic technology:

Jeff Sanders had a great blog post entitled "How Playing an iPhone Game Made Me More Productive" and in it he summarized the key points of the Bunchball article, "What Is Gamification?"

  1. Fast Feedback: receiving immediate feedback or response to actions towards a goal.
  2. Transparency: always knowing where you stand in relationship to the desired end result.
  3. Goals: having short- and long-term goals to achieve.
  4. Badges: showing evidence of accomplishments through visual awards.
  5. Leveling Up: always knowing your status within your community.
  6. Onboarding: getting up to speed through engaging and compelling methods.
  7. Competition: knowing how you are doing compared to others.
  8. Collaboration: working with a group to accomplish a goal.
  9. Community: sharing the achievements of others to build group rapport.
  10. Points: using tangible and measurable evidence of accomplishments.
Even here, note that "Badges" are equivocated with "Awards" and I think there's a difference.  The Bunchball summary is:

Badges: Evidence of accomplishments

An indicator of accomplishment or mastery of a skill is especially meaningful within a community that understands its value. Often used to identify skills and expertise within a group.

Again, while "mastery of a skill" is more "beneficial" to the community than merely commemorating an accomplishment, I think that we need to be clear that a "badge" means that you can and should act to improve your community with the skills you've acquired, and should be respected for those actions -- not merely for your accomplishments in the past.

Thoughts?  Call 206-339-3742 and let me know what you think.


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