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Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Ericast 273 - Where's Your Ketchup?

Lately I've taken to saying, "Diversity is inherently good". Which you either respond with "Duh, Eric!" or you're... not quite sure you agree. Curious?  Here's your show.

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Yes, indeed, after 11 years we're switching over to our new feedback line, so call 701-645-3742, which conveniently spells out 701-645-ERIC.  Thanks to you who called, so we know it works!  So, let's go with that.

I'm sitting on a hiring committee at work, and we had this conversation, and I fell into the "Duh!" camp, but I couldn't point to why -- some sort of background info. I'd collected over the years in my degree program or whatever.

A colleague pointed out the Reply All podcast, Episode #52, and I listened to that and couldn't agree more.  Fascinating.  And we'll get to that.

And I thought, I should do a podcast on that!  And then life got in the way, including the K7 crisis that wasn't much of a crisis.  And then, while listening to MarketplaceTech (formerly Future Tense) on American Public Radio, I heard the March 24th episode.

So I decided that was spooky enough that I'd actually take a lesson from the Universe or God or the Hundredth Monkey or coincidence and I'd share the episode I'd planned to.  What follows is a clip from a spectacular piece by Alex Goldman.

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