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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Ericast 292 - No, or Yes?

When an interesting opportunity comes along... what should you say?  Here's your show.

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When unintentional caffeine induces insomnia, you get an unusual episode... but the thought still carries through.  This week, inspired by advice from PR strategist Arik Hanson, I juxtapose the advice from Jenna McCarthy on Modern Ontrapreneur (and, yes, their brand spells it "Ontrapreneur") with advice from Natalie Janji on the Achieve Your Goals podcast with Hal Elrod (and Jon Berghoff, who's filling in for Hal while Hal is undergoing cancer treatments).

These are both episodes from 2017, but the conversation really goes back to 2015 and even 2012 (and to the beginning of human history, I suppose) with podcaster-bloggers like Michael Hyatt:

Note (and this is bonus show-notes material not discussed in the podcast) that this isn't about dealing with rejection and being told "No," like Jia Jiang discusses.  This is you (or me) saying "No" to yourself or to other people.  Or, per Jenna McCarthy and Arik Hansen, saying "Yes".

Thoughts?  Want to say "Yes!" to me?  Cal 701-645-3724 (a.k.a. 701-645-ERIC) and let me know.


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