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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Episode 10 - "Talk About Nothing"

Wow! Talk about long winded! (Actually, don't talk about long winded, because that'll take even more time!) This started out as a quick 20-minute podcast about nothing in particular, and ended up a lot longer than that. But, since nobody is complaining, I'm keeping it at this length.

Let me know what you think! I'm still looking for listener input!

By the way, what started as a little thunder in the background of the recording has turned into a National Weather Service officially-declared Severe Thunderstorm Warning (though we're getting less rain at this second than we were when I was recording the podcast with no storm warning at all), so if we're blown a way in the next downburst, just know it's been fun and I'm glad I made it to 10 episodes before a horrifying weather-related death.

In your spare time, check out and see (and hear!) what Tom Oscanyan has to offer! In this particular case, listen to him for the content and to me for the pre-content entertainment.


  • Brandon's desire for money
  • Tom and Eric's insane pre-interview talk
  • QVS digital cameras
  • Viability of "distance-study"
  • Ella's "Darkest Part of Me" (bonus podcast feature!)


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