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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Episode 20 - "Leadership, Part Two"

It's a long one, but I like the content! I told you we'd eventually have a second part to the leadership discussion! This week, our good friend Tom Oscanyan joins us with his comments on "leadership" and whether people who are "leaders" are better than people who "aren't".

(You know, if we put enough "stuff" in quotes, we'll end "up" with an "entire" sentence that "makes" no "sense". )

Anyway, in this episode I also (briefly) discuss my attempts to polish up an Ericast feed (which seem to have worked) -- details are on my blog, and I'd be happy to discuss them on the show if someone would write or call (206-339-ERIC -- that's 206-339-3742, if you want the numbers) and let me know what you think!

And one more treat here in the notes... you can find a clip of the Andy Kaufman routine I mention in the podcast by looking for the link to it in the paragraph about him at the Favorite People page. (Watch out for the MIDI music when it loads... if you're used to the polished professionalism that is the Ericast, it might set you back a little bit.)


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