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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Episode 13 - "Where's my Robot?!?"

From strep throat (which I don't have) to robots (which I don't have, either), this podcast has it all. Or "doesn't have any of it," as the case may be. Whatever.

I spend a few moments discussing a Network World article on the concept, "What would life be like if robotics had advanced like computing has?" But, alas, it hasn't, so we'll never know.

You'll hear me provide a counter-counter point to Tom Oscanyan's comments on multimedia in education (which I cleverly respond to by taking his comments out of context, of course, because isn't that the best way to prove a point? Maybe not...) To hear Tom "podcast," (which is really just an MP3 stuck on a server until he builds out an RSS feed -- come on, Tom, I dare ya! -- visit his site and download the file there -- it's the one in the post entitled PodCast #2: "Collaborative Learning & Technology - Counterpoint"

The Word of the Week returns with "legume", courtesy of the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
; thanks, guys, for the always-awesome (and very convenient) audio clips!

You'll also hear vague promises and references to something "radio-related" coming soon... possibly as soon as next week, if I (and you!) have some luck.


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