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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Ericast 66 - "Feast or Famine!"

This episode represents the single greatest moment in the history of the Ericast. No joke. Those of you who represent the small, tight-knit family of Ericast listeners are now taking part in a podcast community that is officially "cool" from this day forward.

I went from having a bunch of kinda-blah topics to having a bunch of great topics! So we start chipping away at them, starting with the best (in my opinion).

I can't give away the surprise, but one of the first things you'll hear is me following up on the discussion of the famous Country Crock commercials and the voice work of Casey DeFranco (who I was reminded of when I'd heard Garrick Van Buren's wife on his First Crack Podcast).

Trust me... it pays to listen a couple minutes longer to find out why I'm still talking about the Country Crock commercials.

After the thrilling conclusion (or is it just the beginning?) of that topic, I also talk a bit about Joann's voice-over talents... so if you'd like to hear her say something more than "visit us at" in this podcast, this is the episode you want to hear! (Want to be mean to your voiceover artist? Have her read sentences that contain evil phrases like "as its associate". Joann handled it beautifully.)

Things I don't quite get to include the Windows Vista public beta, my problematic GoDaddy upgrade which hosed my search-engine-friendly Content Management System (known in the business as -- I'm not kidding -- my SEF CMS), and my frustration with companies who think that good customer service can be delivered by a form letter. But the glory of the rest of the episode overshadowed these topics, so they'll come back another day soon.


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