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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ericast 139 - Tidying my Identity

Following up from yesterday's UnSummit4 ( here in the Twin Cities and reflecting on the fact that we've flown through the month of June. Touching on personal branding with career coaching topics and my personal web site, with experiments into thanks to Patrick Rhone. (Be sure to check out his Practical Opacity website!) Even a reference to WordPress 3 and its multiblogging options.

Overly-used word of the podcast: "quirky"

Also, discussion of my life mission or personal philosophy or whatever you call it that I... support learning. The introvert side of me keeps me from finding my energy and fulfillment in "people themselves". But I'm still excited by triggering or basking in the "lightbulb moments" of the people I help (touched on over at my blog's "Living the Lightbulb" post)

In case you haven't heard of it, my passing reference at the end of the last call is to Open Theism -- a very interesting theology to read up on but not one I'd necessarily endorse.

And, finally, the question of "information" vs. "meformation" -- the Ericast is heavy on the "meforming" side and, hey, you probably knew that.

But it's still a two-way street! Comments, as always, in verbal form to 206-339-ERIC (206-339-ERIC) or written form to me (eric) at

Reed Timmer's storm chasing video from Minnesota this month (the storms that passed a couple dozen miles to our north and south, sparing Eagan):


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