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Sunday, January 07, 2018

Ericast 294 - One Fifty-Second Over

We're kicking off a brand new calendar year for the Ericast, and it's already a week into it.  (I did the math!) You know what that means?  Here's your show.

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Reminder that you're listening to a "personal podcast".  It's a bit like reading a lifestyle blogger, except I don't have a niche lifestyle that I podcast about.  And that's okay.  What I hope is that it's interesting -- maybe useful, maybe entertaining, maybe profoundly life changing, maybe just an intriguing diversion. But interesting. Thanks for listening.

I figured I could kick off the podcast by doing a "what's Eric listening to?" like I did last year.  And then I went looking, and discovered that I did "My Podcast List" in January 2015.  And, ironically, that realization -- that I was two years off in my memory -- fits right in with the theme I chose this week: time sure is speeding by!

One week of a brand new year has already flown by in a blink.  I'll get back to that in a couple minutes...

I narrowed down my podcast list recently, so this is actually pretty current for what I truly listen to:

Marketplace Tech with Molly Wood - has "changed hands" over the years and changed formats, but a consistent favorite since Jon Gordon ran it as "Future Tense" years ago.

Get-It-Done Guy, Stever Robbins.  Short, entertaining, good concepts; if you’re fairly straight-laced, don’t be put off by the quirky persona).  Hasn't changed since 2015!

Remodeling Clay with Clay Shaver.  Every Thursday.  Can't miss it.  It's not "self help."

The Order of Man from Ryan Michler. Framed as guys' issues but not necessarily for men only.  I smile my way through the intro, but the content is usually excellent and always interesting.

The One You Feed from Eric Zimmer.  Named after the wolf metaphor.  I'm getting used to this one.

The New Man (NSFW language) – interview podcast good exposure to new people/ideas.  I keep it in the feed but don't listen regularly and its schedule is almost as bad as the Ericast.

Reply All.  I really, really love this show.  Think of it as an edgier version of NPR by people who left NPR but have all the talent of NPR producers.

Late Night Internet Marketing with Mark Mason (perpetually on the border of podfading so I really should give up on him particularly since I'm not doin internet marketing work... but I'm still emotionally rooting him on to succeed.)

The $100 MBA Show.  This one I listen to and then skip past the irrelevant episodes.

Smart and Simple Matters with Joel Zaslofsky. "Creating Community, Simplicity, and Authenticity with You."  Someday I'll do a whole show on my relationship to/with Joel.

And wrapping up with three that have stayed in my feed for years:

Ray Edwards Show
Achieve Your Goals podcast with Hal Elrod
5 A.M. Miracle with Jeff Sanders

And in catching up on those, I heard something interesting from Hal Elrod.  It's a great podcast and episode 201 is particularly interesting because you hear him on the episode, which has been rare as he's been fighting cancer.  If you want to hear more about that, listen to this episode, as he and co-host Jon Berghoff discuss their "top three tips for achieving your goals in 2018".  It reminds me of my "Goals vs. Desires" realization that dates back to 2008 and I don't think I've ever done an episode on it... maybe that'll be the next Ericast...

Always eager for your feedback!  Getting a video clip from Matt in sunny California while he was on a 60-some-degree bike ride and I was sitting inside in sub-zero temperatures (not sub-freezing... sub-zero. Fahrenheit) was one of the most soul-refreshing experiences I've had in a while.  So, your feedback really matters.  Let me know you're out there!  701-645-3742 (a.k.a. 701-645-ERIC) or any other means of tracking me down and letting me know what you think.


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