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Monday, July 02, 2018

Ericast 299 - Everybody is Quitting

I'm back with a short (?) reflection on the fact that not everyone is. It's been a great spring and early summer, but without some of the things I thought would be around this year. Want the update? Here's your show.

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Remember that the Ericast is a "personal podcast"... and I've got an explanation of that phrase late in this episode.  June was a month of stay-cation time. (Back to work tomorrow!)

Technical note: Our old web server, circa 1997, has been decommissioned.  The logo was held on that template and as some point I got a login prompt instead of just an empty graphic.

Other features of this episode: Vocal Fry and some a low-level background hum in Studio A which I think is from my CPU fan (and which I bashed down with a noise reduction filter, which creates issues of its own...)

Ignite Minneapolis
Patrick Griffith
Remodeling Clay podcast

Possible highlight of the summer: Meeting Matt from California in person.  Pro: I introduced him to the Juicy Lucy.  Con: I gave myself a Chris Farley show moment of not driving him up past some of the Minneapolis lakes.

See you in Episode 300!

P.S.  That "header graphic" I mentioned? The one you've seen so many times you probably don't even think about it?  Here it is:


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