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Sunday, October 28, 2018

Ericast 301 - Warday's 30th Anniversary

Sometimes a book really affects you... and here's one example, with the twist of a really strange timeline. Curious? Here's your show.

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It's been awhile. And it's was quite a summer, and quite a fall. Thanks for sticking with me... Or for joining the Ericast family for the first time.  Sorry I still haven't figured out my room noise. Maybe that's what kept me away from the mic.  I'll try to change that.

Starting when I was 11, I spent my summers in Cornucopia, Wisconsin -- and lived up there year-round from age 16 to 18. Had I not been homeschooled, I would have turned the graduating class of the consolidated school district from 13 to 14 people.  Lots of stories there.

But early on -- maybe before we even bought the house and were just passing through -- I spotted a book exchange at the tiny post office.  And in that book exchange was a paperback with the gleaming foil title: WARDAY

By the time Warday had come out in 1984, I had started a club called "Kids For Peace".  I knew about the issue of nuclear proliferation before Special Bulletin and The Day After and Threads.  And I don't think that the following generation -- the "late Gen-X" born in the early 80s -- really understand what it was like to live under the thread of a Soviet nuclear attack.

Anyway, I had never heard of the book, but with some trepidation (simply because it was spooky) I watched Warday pass on October 28, 1988.  And that, was exactly 30 years go.

If this timeline starts to sound messed up, it's because it is.  And it's explained in a Warday review I found thanks to Google, from Mitch Edgeworth.  He does a better job than I could, so I read it.

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